Bitter Gourd Rice

Bitter gourd Rice


Bitter gourd 4-5
Onions(medium sized) 2-3
Red chillies 10-15
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Method of preparation:

Bitter gourds are big no-no when i ask any of my friends. I was the only one who loves them deeply. I love bitterness…(somebody help me)
but this recipe is not bitter at all….its real spicy….as spicy as you can ever imagine.
Use best quality chillies for this recipe to turn good. so…..firstly

Wash and remove edges of bittergourds. Scrape them(like you do carrots for carrot halwa) and wash it thoroughly(for abt 3min) and keep aside.
Make a coarse paste out of onions and red chillies.
Heat oil in pan, add the scraped and washed bittergourds.
Stir continously and when they change color add the onion-chilli paste.
Stir-fry in low flame and add oil as needed until it becomes dry.
Remove from heat, add salt and you can have it along with hot rice and ghee as shown above.

P.S: use more chillies for spicy stuff and more onions for sweet stuff.


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